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Canada Moose Hunts in British Columbia 

Our moose hunts have a chance of success close to 100%.

The price is for 8 hunting days. They are conducted during the rut starting the last week of September until near the end of October.

The price is in USD and all inclusive of all licenses, tags, taxes, royalty fees, GOABC HPF, applicable permits, professional guide, trophy care, airport pickup/drop off, food, accommodation and license application. There is no harvest fee on our hunts.

You will arrive to our comfortable lodge overlooking the Cariboo mountains the day before and leave the day after.

100% Success Rate

Hunting territory:

Our 1,000+ hunting territory provides ideal moose habitats. During the rut, we do a lot of scouting by boat, ATV, vehicle and on foot, trying to call the big bull in. We have prime hunting spots that have not seen any pressure for over 15 years or longer and those are the places one can really experience an exciting hunt.

The high mountain meadows, red willow flats, clear cuts and river bottoms make our area excellent for a trophy Moose hunt.  The Upper Matthew River provides all that moose love; red willows, many small meadows, and muskeg.  The heavily traveled game trails are extraordinary.

Quality Trophy Moose:

The outfitted moose hunts we offer are trophy Canadian Moose with the opportunity to harvest 45″ and better. 

Early tag out and Combo hunts:

Our guided moose hunts can be combined with mountain goat and black bear.


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