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Mountain Goat Hunt

Mountain Goat Hunt

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British Columbia Mountain Goat

Our mountain goat hunts have a chance of success close to 100%.

The posted price is for 10 hunting days on a 1-to-1 basis. Dates are to choose between:

- September 1 to September 10

- September 12 to September 21

The price is in USD and all inclusive of all licenses, tags, taxes, royalty fees, GOABC, HPF, applicable permits, professional guide, trophy care, airport pickup/drop off, food, accommodation and license application. There is no harvest fee on our hunts.

You will fly to Prince George, BC where you will be picked up at the ariport.

100% Success Rate


Hunting territory:

The part of the mountains we hunt has very little pressure from residents as it is remote and difficult to access. This creates a secluded area which provides an exclusive hunting area. This exclusive hunting territory is about 600 square miles wide with an elevation between 5,000 to 7,000 feet.

Backpacking hunts:

Hunting mountain goats involves a lot of glassing and hiking. We backpack into the hunting territory where will will setup camp. Then, we spend a lot of time glassing the surrounding ranges until we spot the right one.


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