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Alberta Black Bear Archery Hunt
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Alberta Black Bear Bow Hunting
Alberta Black Bear Archery Hunt
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Black Bear Hunt for 4

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Book the whole camp for yourself

Why not booking a whole bear camp for you and your buddies. Join us on a 6-day black bear hunt along the famous Athabasca River in WMU 531 bordering the Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada.

    With only four hunters in camp per week, you own the camp and your hunt becomes very exclusive and personalized. Not only you will see 30 to 40 different bears each over the week, but you will create life long memories.

    We personally guarantee you will have your opportunity to all shoot a 7 footer, with 98% chance of shooting a P&Y book record trophy bear and a fair chance to shoot a B&C trophy.

    The price is in USD for 4 hunters on the same booking. It includes trophy fee, licences, 4 tags, food, accomodation, transfer to the aiport, skinning and salting of the hide.

    2 tags on the same licence. Kill fee on teh second kill only.

    100% success guaranteed

     Ask for more details.