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Monster Buck

I got on the phone the other day with a hunter who was looking to book a hunt. But not any kind of hunt; “I want to shoot a 200” at least”. I must admit that I had to think about this one for a second. And then I asked in return “Well, how many 200+ have you shot so far?”. I could feel the excitement on the other side of the phone “None yet. But I’m willing to pay the money. But it has to be guaranteed”. I had no other choice than to thank him for his phone call and wish him good luck; very, very good luck indeed.

I had to google it; how many 200”ish whitetail made it to the Boone & Crockett so far. First, we have to keep in mind that the world record typical whitetail deer is 213” 5/8 and was harvested in 1993 (and yes it was in western Canada). Then, from all time, only 13 typical whitetail have been recorded over 200” as per the B&C book of records. And only 3 out of these 13 were harvested after 2000, in this century.

Chances to come across a +200” would increase with a non-typical. And I mean it when I use the word “chance”. I cannot think of an outfitter who would ever “guarantee” a customer a Trophy whitetail over 200 B&C.

I wish you a happy season.

Franck Besseat

Owner Outfitter

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