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Trophy Hunts

We are a proud provider of responsible outfitted archery and rifle hunts in Western Canada.

Mountain Goat - Moose - Black Bear

Whitetail Deer - Mule Deer - Wolf - Coyote



Mountain Goat Hunts

British Columbia is home to over half of North America's current goat population, which makes it the go-to destination to a successful mountain goat hunt. Our mountain goat hunts are very exclusive, conducted on a 1 guide to 1 customer basis only. We cap our harvest to 5 billies a year to make sure our territory produces quality book record trophies every year and for the long run.

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Whitetail Deer Hunts

Alberta is a top destination for some of the world largest Whitetail trophies. We specialize in archery and rifle whitetail deer hunts in one of the Alberta’s highest buck-to-doe ratio areas that includes an excellent age structure and ever-growing deer population. We only take a few hunters at a time to be able to fully focus on your success. Our flexibility and dedication allow us to decide, with you, what the best length of time, hunting conditions, shooting distance, and setup might be to increase your chances of success. Our hunts are authentic, wild and even athletic - if you choose. No fences, no bait. We promote fair and responsible outfitted experiences in central Alberta, Canada.

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Our Whitetail Archery Hunts

Our archery hunts start as early as September 1st. The very first hunt of the year gives you the opportunity to harvest a velvet trophy. Hunters can choose the number of hunting days from 6 to 10 days. Whitetail archery hunts can also be combined with a Mule Deer. Hunts are from 12-foot tree stands setup on the fringe of farmland or tree lines.

We will welcome you in our fully serviced hunting lodge in the middle of the hunting area; remote but still very comfortable. With only 2 hunters at the time, this hunt is very exclusive. You will get all the attention you need from our guide to be successful.

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Beautiful Trophy Whitetail Deer in the foothills of the Rockies during the rut in November

Our Whitetail Fall Rifle Hunts

In Alberta, hunting whitetail trophy deer as early as September through the month of October is only allowed in a few areas. We are fortunate to have allocations for hunters who want to rifle hunt without having to endure the cold weather month of November.

These fall rifle hunts are fully customized in terms of duration, period, and even setup. We recommend a good level of fitness for these hunts which might require going deep in the woods to find the trophy of your lifetime.

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Whitetail Deer Rut Hunts happen in November

Our Whitetail Deer Rut Hunts

We offer peak rut rifle Whitetail hunting in the foothills of the Rockies, just over an hour drive from the Edmonton International Airport. Rut hunts are as popular as they are successful in this high-density area of the Rocky Mountain Foothills. The genetic in the area produces some of the world’s largest whitetail deer trophies.  

Most of the hunts are from 12-foot tripod stands which offer great visibility and a lot of shooting options. Sometimes, depending on the setup and the weather conditions, we might move to heated ground blinds or elevated tower stands.

During the rut, bucks are very active tracking does, providing all day action. Statistics show that trophy bucks can be seen at any time of the day. During this hunt, hunters are encouraged to practice their rattling and grunting skills, contributing to making this hunt very enjoyable and participative.

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Mule Deer Hunts

Our mule deer archery hunts are conducted in the Central Alberta Foothills, about 1hr30mn from the Edmonton International Airport (YEG). Our hunting cabins are located right on the middle of the hunting area in WMU 332. Our Mule Deer archery hunts are essentially spot and stalk on private farmland with the use of tree stands occasionally depending on the deer behavior.

During the rut, in November, we also offer mule deer and whitetail combo hunts.

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Whitetail Deer Bow hunting in Alberta Foothills

Canada Moose Hunts

Nested between Quesnel Lake and Mitchell Lake (British Columbia), the slopes of the Cariboo and Goose ranges provide 600+ square miles of moose heaven habitats comprised of marsh, lakes, high country and valleys, home of trophy size bulls. With not more than 5 bulls harvested per year, our territory produces excellent trophy size moose. The hunts are conducted from our comfortable and relaxing lodge where non-hunters are welcome. The surrounding Quesnel and Mitchell lakes provide such excellent fishing opportunities that we recommend our guests to combined hunting and fishing to have the full Canadian experience.

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Black Bear Hunts

Whether you are looking for a true bear camp experience in Alberta producing over 95% of book record trophy black bear or want to do some spot and stalk in the beautiful slopes of the Cariboo and Goose ranges of British Columbia, we have you covered. We operate a bear camp in Northern Alberta which has been producing an average of 20 book record bear per year for the last 15 years. This is a must-do if you're looking for a totally remote camp, a lot of bear to pick from, quading in the mud and sharing great hunting stories while enjoying some amazing meals in a comfortable outfitter's camp. We also offer spot and stalk black bear hunts in British Columbia out of the Cameron Ridge Lodge nested in between Mitchell and Quesnel Lakes. Perfect hunting opportunity to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery that British Columbia has to offer.

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Predator Hunts

We offer Wolf and Coyote hunts during the winter in the Alberta foothills. Our hunts are very successful and are a good opportunity to spend a few days, a full week or just a week end out in the countryside during the cold winter months. We run about 8 bait sites from beginning of December to the end of February. Wolf are essentially hunted from a blind over a bait site. Coyote are either hunted from a blind or by calling them in.

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Alberta Whitetail Outfitters

Trophy Hunts Success Rate

Almost 100% success rate on our Mountain Goat and Predator hunts.

100% shooting opportunity on our Whitetail Deer rut hunts.

100% success rate guaranteed on our Black Bear hunts.


Franck has a solid understanding of big game, their habits and movement. Always a pleasure to be around and a fun guy to hunt with.

Jeremy Hatala, Double Diamond Wilderness Hunts

Franck, we want to express our appreciation for the quality hunting experience we had in Whitetail hunting in Alberta. Your knowledge about the area and resident deer habits made for a successful hunt.

Dennis, Texas

Thank you for the dedication and hard work you provide for each of your clients, it gives us an opportunity to harvest that lifetime Alberta Whitetail.

Judy, Texas

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