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Collection: Black Bear

Welcome to the best bear camp in North America for Trophy Black Bears

Alberta has been ranked as the top black bear destination by Worldwide Trophy Adventures for years. What make Alberta Black bear hunts outstanding is the high opportunity to harvest a trophy-quality black bear combined with a high population of color phase bears. Alberta still offer each hunter to shot 2 bears; why would one pass on the opportunity to come back home with 2 book-record bears; one black and one color phase bear.

Our bear camp has been in operation for over 20 years. It covers a territory of 20 miles x 30 miles in which we have exclusive hunting access. With a bear population well above 1,000, we can afford to be very selective on the number and the quality of bears we harvest every year.  

Quality Black Bear

Beautiful brown bear during spring 2019Our Black Bear Trophy Hunts in Northern Alberta are a "must do" with a long term average of 7’2” square hide. 90% of the harvested bears makes the P&Y minimum skull size of 18". The long term skull average has been just over 19" with numerous bears scoring the minimum B&C all-time record of 21". About 25% of our bears are color phase.

The impressive quality of the bears that our camp produces did not happen by chance. It is the result of years of bear population management and selective harvests. With reasonable pressure and good monitoring of the bear population, we have achieved an incredible healthy population of book-record bears.

Quality Bear Camp

Where to hunt bear in CanadaYou will agree that when it comes to bear hunting, the quality of the camp is as important of the quality of the bear.

Well, welcome to our black bear spring camp which is perfectly located, off the famous Athabasca River in WMU 531 bordering the Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada.

This bear camp has been up and running for over 20 years now. The success ratio is guaranteed in a friendly environment combining great food, 2-men outfitters tents with wood stove, a lot of quading and of course, a lot of bears to see every day. 

Our Spring camp runs from end of April to the beginning of June.


Bear Camp welcomes "The Given Right" TV crew

Mark Heck, the host of the Given Right TV show, and his team have been to camp 2 years in a row. Their June 2023 hunts are now available on YouTube (Credit: The Given Rgith TV). 


Thank you Mark, Laden, Kenneth, Chris, Daniel, Tyler and cameramen Kurtis and Jordan for the great time at Camp.

2023 Bear Camp Report

What an amazing 2023 spring season. We welcomed 14 hunters in camp, harvested 15 bears and wounded 1. 

Average square hide of 7'01"
All but 4 bears were Pope and Young book record

1 bear out of 5 was color phase

This year the trails were dry in comparison to previous years, allowing us to access all 16 baits quite easily. We also noticed that the number of cubs spotted was just unbelievably high this year.

According to the hunters who attended the camp this spring, the hunter who has seen the least number of bears has seen about 20 different bears and Bill, who was the most fortunate this year, reported seeing approximately 75 different bears in 6 days. 

 Last West Outfitting has been awarded teh best bear camp in Northern Alberta Amazing trophy black bear in northern alberta Cinnamon Bear harvested at Last West Outfitting bearcamp  7'6" square hide trophy black bear of a lifetime Dark Cinnamon bear from Last West Outfitting Most professional bear hunt in north America The Given right TV trophy black bear Alberta Trophy Black bear hunt by the Given Right TV show Mark Heck visiting Last West Outfitting in Alberta Giant black bear harvested at Last West Outfitting 7-footer bearcamp

2022 Bear Camp Report

After 2 years of struggle, we were finally back to full operation in the Spring of 2022 with 15 bears harvested, 4 wounded bears and 1 miss, resulting in a 100% success rate.

1 bear out of 2 was over 7'2" feet square
2 bears out of 3 were P&Y book record bears
1 bear out of 5 was color phase


This year's both scoring and color-phase ratio were under our long term average of 7'2" square and 30%, respectively. Why? It's always hard to explain and we can long speculate on the different reasons why. But, at the end of the day, this is hunting with all the uncertainty and unpredictability hunting brings with it. On the good note, we have seen plenty of color phase bears in the 6'8" and 6'10" range whom should be at full maturity in the coming years.

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