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Collection: Whitetail

One of the Best Trophy Hunts for Whitetail in Alberta

Did you know that among the top 10 typical and non-typical white-tailed deer ever harvested in North America, 3 were taken in Alberta?

With about 25,000 harvested white-tailed bucks each year, Alberta is a prime destination in terms of success rate, class record trophies and genetics. Alberta provides authentic free-range hunts where baiting deer is not allowed.


Archery White-Tailed

White-tailed buck running to the tree line The season for our Whitetail Archery Hunts starts September 1st and can run until the end of October, depending on availability. Whitetail Archery Hunts are essentially from tree stands. Before you arrive , we will have setup tree stands especially for your hunt. This means that the stands you will be hunting on are yours, no one hunted on them prior to your arrival and they are yours. The set of stands (about 6 to 8 per hunter) are setup to accommodate many different scenarios; morning hunt, evening hunt, wind direction, and access either by foot, truck or quad.

The real deal hunt starts the day after your arrival. You will be brought to a morning stand 30 minutes before the sun rises and are expected to stay on the stand most of the morning. If the spot is hot and sees a lot of activity, you may decide to stay on the same stand all day. Otherwise, after a well-deserved lunch break and a little rest, we will move you to an evening stand where you will stay until the end of the legal shooting time for the day.

Your guide will drop you off and leave you alone which means that you will have to make your own judgement on the deer you want to harvest. Most of the time we will have pictures of the deer in the area that we will study together to give you an idea of what to expect.


Spot and Stalk can be accommodated upon request but remains at the discretion of the guide since it requires a good level of fitness and special stalking skills.


Rifle White-Tailed

White-tailed buck during the rut season of 2019

Our Whitetail trophy rifle hunts start as early as mid-September and run to the end of November. The prime season for a white-tailed trophy hunt in Alberta is during the rut, in November. The weather conditions during the month of November can be very harsh but we have a saying in Alberta “The harsher the conditions the bigger the trophy”.

Our Whitetail Trophy Hunts are exclusively from stands, mainly 12-foot high tripod stands. Statistics show that the chances of harvesting a mature buck are better by spotting an area with hot does and being patient, waiting for your trophy to cross your line of sight. While most of the residents do road hunting, pushing the deer inside the tree lines, we will put you on traveling paths within the woods to increase your chances but more importantly, to see the bucks that nobody would ever see from the roads.

You will be expected to stay on your own, on your stand all day long unless the weather conditions do not allow it. While you will be hunting, your guide will be scouting for deer activity and looking for hot does. Based on what you see and what your guide find, you will decide with your guide on the best course of action for the next day.

As you will be on your own on your stand, you will have you make your own shooting judgement, sometimes within a split second.



Quality hunts are our first priority

Whitetail deer rut in Alberta

Our Deer Quality Management unit is composed of 30% farm land and 70% public land within WMU 330 and 332. While the chances of harvesting a mature buck in farm land are excellent, public land offers the greatest opportunity to the selective hunter to harvest a lifetime trophy buck.

Our Deer Quality Management program encompasses harvesting only mature bucks 4 1/2 years old or older, and taking only a limited number of customers at a time to minimize the hunting pressure in our hunting area.

  • Whitetail scores range from 130" P&Y to the 170" P&Y (or 140" to 180" B&C) with the general average of around 140" P&Y (or 150" B&C).
  • Mule deer scores range in the 150"P&Y to 180"P&Y with an average around 160" P&Y range.



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