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Our Hunting Lodge

Last West Outfitting hunting lodge during winter time under the snow

Our Alberta Operation


Last West Outfitting Google MapIn Alberta, our hunting lodge serves as our base camp for all our fall deer hunts and winter predator hunts. Located in Central Alberta, west of the town of Rimbey, Alberta, our lodge is about 1hr 30mn drive from the Edmonton International Airport (YEG) and two hours from the Calgary International Airport (YYC). This makes it an easy and smooth transfer from the airport to our lodge. 

Last West Outfitters Satellite imageDriving from the US? The town of Rimbey is about 5hrs 30mn from the US border and 7hrs driving time from Great Falls, MT. We have customers driving every year from the US. If you plan on coming for a rut hunt in November, you might want to allow for some extra time to account for the weather conditions which might go from mild to severe during this period.


Hunting lodge indoor with all facilities  Lovely hunting lodge during summer time  two hunters bedroom

view on the living room of our hunting lodgeOur cosy hunting lodge is setup for hunters to share a comfortable bedroom with two clients per room, a shared bathroom, and a living room with a wood stove. While remote, our lodge is connected to the grid which makes it comfortable with laundry facilities, a TV screen, and Wi-Fi for your convenience.

After a long day of hunting, you can rest quietly by enjoying a relaxing time in the hot tub. It is not uncommon to see deer, coyote and moose crossing the property at any time. 

hunter cabin

Hunting Territory

Alberta foothills during fall beautiful hunting territoryOur hunting lodge is ideally located in the middle of our hunting territory which divides the woods and forests expanding up to the Rocky Mountains to the west and farmland to the east up to the town of Rimbey, 33 km (20 miles) away. This is a total of 200,000 acres (400 square miles) of hunting territory that includes two Wildlife Management Units (WMU #330 and #332). 

Within this territory we implement a strict Deer Quality Management program. The main components of this quality program include:

  • monitoring the hunting pressure 
  • being selective on the trophies to be harvested (age and size)
  • controlling deer predator population
  • creating sanctuaries where deer can reproduce peacefully

Alberta farmlands A few years ago we lobbied to obtain the cancellation of a supplemental doe tag for residents. Since its suppression, we have seen the hunting pressure in this territory drop significantly resulting in an increase in deer population. As we all know, an increase in deer population has a direct impact on the number of aging bucks.

Our Deer Quality Management unit is composed of 30% farmland and 70% public land.


Beautiful Alberta farmland landscape During the fall, we run a rifle whitetail deer hunt which extends west of Highway 22 in WMU 330, about 30mn driving distance from our hunting lodge. Depending on the conditions, this hunt might involve a combination of site camping and returning to the hunting lodge.  The hunting territory in WMU 330 is part of the Rocky Mountain foothills region made of rolling hills with deciduous and mixedwood forests.

In September, you can expect warm temperatures during the day (25o C or 70 to 80o F) dropping quickly to around 10o C (50o F) by sunset. It could be near freezing when walking to the stand in the early morning.

By the end of October, the temperatures will drop to around -34o C (–30o F) with the ground covered in snow. This is when the rut hunt season begins.

Our Bear Camp


Our Spring Bear Camp is located in the northern part of Alberta, about 2hrs30mn north of Fort McMurray International Airport.

Our bear camp is a spike camp composed of a kitchen tent and 5 sleeping tents all equipped with a wood stove.Accommodation. From camp, we hunt by ATVs.