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British Columbia Mountain Goat

British Columbia Mountain GoatDid you know that with an healthy population estimated at 50,000 animals, over half of the world population of Mountain Goat lives in British Columbia with the greatest population density in central British Columbia.

British Columbia is prime destination for a successful Mountain Goat hunt. And our territory is no exception with over 600 square miles of gorgeous mountains and peaks ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 feet hosting healthy herds of mature billies with little to no hunting pressure from locals and BC residents.

Be ready for a lifetime hunting experience combining breathtaking mountain sceneries, amazing food and relaxing lodge overlooking the mountains. We have all the ingredients to make your hunt not only successful but most importantly memorable.

Trophy Goat

Mountain Goat in the Cariboo MountainThe average goat harvested is 9"1/2, with no more than four goat harvested per season contributing to maintaining an healthy population of mature, trophy billies. Many of these goat have lived out their live without never seen humans.

The mountains we hunt has very little pressure from residents as it is remote and difficult to access. This creates a secluded area which provides an exclusive hunting area. Hunting mountain goat involves a lot of glassing and hiking. We hike into the hunting territory where will will setup camp. Then, we spend a lot of time glassing the surrounding ranges until we spot the right one.



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