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Best moose hunt in Alberta
Happy moose hunter
Cinnamon 7 footer bear
There is nothing like moose hunting in Alberta
Alberta timber wolves hunting
Happy wolf hunter in Alberta
Trophy moose of a lifetime
Beautiful color phase black bear
7'4" trophy black bear in northern Alberta
Alberta Moose in the willows
Northern Alberta Trophy moose during the rut
2 giant black bears at 7-footer bearcamp
Bull moose wiht long brown tines
Bull moose int he water
Black wolf hunting in Alberta
Bull moose hunting in northern Alberta
Pope and young trophy bear
Alberta trophy bull moose
Bull moose antlers in the wood buffalo area
Bull moose in the winter

Canada Moose, Black Bear and Wolf Combo

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Combo of a lifetime 

Looking for an unique combo opportunity ... what about a 45"+ Canada moose, a 7'+ black bear and some timber wolves. Our moose hunts can be combined with a black bear and offer great opportunities to harvest a Timber Wolf.

The price is for 8 hunting days. The hunt is conducted during the rut of the moose, starting the last week of September until near the end of October.

The price is in USD and all inclusive of professional guiding fee, trophy care, transportation during the hunt, food, wall tent accommodation and all meals. 

The price does not include GST, licencing, hotel and meals before and after the hunt, charter helicopter flight from Fort McMurray to fly-in only camp, trip insurance, meat processing, taxidermy cost and shipping of trophies back home.

You will arrive to Fort McMurray International Airport ahead of time to allow for a transfer to camp by charter flight the day before the 1st hunting day. 

100% Success Rate

Hunting territory:

Our hunting territory provides ideal moose habitats. During the rut, we do a lot of scouting by ATV and on foot, trying to call the big bulls in. We have prime hunting spots that have not seen any pressure for over 15 years or longer and those are the places one can really experience an exciting hunt.

The South part of the hunting territory is where we run our black bear camp in the spring. If you have booked a moose/black bear combo, this is were we will take you to harvest a 7-footer black bear. 

Quality Trophies:

The outfitted moose hunts we offer are trophy Canadian Moose with the opportunity to harvest 45″ and over. 

Our bear camp has been producing 7-footer trophy bears for over 25 years with 25% of our bear being color phase. 

The population of wolf is very heathy in the area due to the high density of wood bisons, deer, and moose in the area. 


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