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Mule Deer and Whitetail Combo Hunt (Rifle)
Alberta Mule Deer Whitetail Combo Hunt
Mule Deer Whitetail Combo Hunt
Mule Deer Whitetail Archery Combo Hunts
Whitetail Mule Deer Combo Hunts Alberta
Alberta Mule Deer Whitetail Outfitter
Mule Deer and Whitetail Combo Hunt (Rifle)
Mule Deer and Whitetail Combo Hunt (Rifle)
Mule Deer and Whitetail Combo Hunt (Rifle)

Mule Deer and Whitetail Combo Hunt (Rifle)

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Mule Deer Whitetail Combo Hunts during the Rut

This Mule Deer Whitetail Combo hunt is conducted during the rut in November.


    The posted price is all inclusive of airport transfer, food, accommodation  and trophy preparation for easy travel back with you. 

    There is no harvest fee on the first kill. Harvest fee of $1,000 on the second animal only.

    Success Rate and Deer Quality:

    We run only 2 hunts with 2 hunters each year. This is to limit the disturbance and maintain our high level of quality in our Deer Management Unit.

    The success rate is above 80% and was 100% in 2022.

    Whitetail Trophies range from 155” to 180” with a long term average of around 165”.

    Mule Deer Trophies range from 150” P&Y to the 190” mark with the general average of around 170”.


    We are located west of the town of Rimbey, Alberta, just over one hour drive from the Edmonton International Airport (YEG) making pain free, easy traveling.


    Our Alberta Mule Deer Whitetail Combo hunts are conducted out of our cosy hunting lodge, located at the hearth of the hunting territory. Hunters share a comfortable 12x24 sleeping cabin. The main cabin has kitchen, a shared bathroom, laundry facilities and a living room with a TV screen and a wood stove. Wi-Fi is of course available for your convenience.

    Hunting territory:

    Our Deer Quality Management unit is composed of 50% farmland and 50% deciduous and mixedwood forests, within WMU 332, spanning over 200,000 acres (400 square miles) of hunting territory.


    Whitetail Archery hunts are 90% out of tree stands.

    Mule Deer Archery hunts are a combination of spot & stalk and tree stands.

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